Learning Handstand Over 40

Learning how to do a handstand can be a fun and rewarding challenge at any age, but it can feel especially daunting if you’re over 40. The good news is…

Handstand Myths Debunked

The well of handstand myths runs deep…like really deep. So let me set you up for success with one simple rule to demystify and debunk all of the handstand myths…

The Top 5 Beginner Handstand Mistakes

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five biggest beginner handstand mistakes that people often make when trying to learn handstands, and how you can avoid them.

Wall Handstands and Why Beginners Need Them

Here are some tips for how to use a wall to your advantage as you work on your handstand:

5 Benefits of Handstand Training

The handstand is a classic gymnastics move that requires strength, balance, and coordination. But beyond just being a cool trick to show off at the gym or park, training for handstands can also provide a number of physical benefits.

Learning To Handstand – Simplified

Are you looking to improve your balance and strength by learning to handstand? Here are some tips on how to get started:

Holy Hollow! Kyle’s Handstand Course, Week 1

A little bit about me… So I told you earlier about my fears and why I was interested in Kyle’s course. Here’s a little background on my movement/fitness life. I…

Kyle’s Handstand Course… here I go!

One Year Ago there was no handstand course… One year ago, I was far from considering a Handstand course. Instead, I had just given birth to a beautiful daughter. One…

Finding Balance in Handstand

“Balance in Handstand cannot be taught. It must be found,” a wise man once said. That wise man is a really incredible one arm Handstand master, Mau Jara. Born in…

Perth – a Treat As an Affordable Handstand Retreat

While doing a Handstand retreat can be a valuable way to immerse in the practice and learn from a specific teacher, our friend Soundschi from Handstand Diary claims that coming…