Handstand Myths Debunked

Kyle Weiger
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The well of handstand myths runs deep…like really deep. So let me set you up for success with one simple rule to demystify and debunk all of the handstand myths you’ve heard:

If you train consistently, you will get it. Plain and simple.

The handstand is a challenging and impressive feat of strength and balance, but it’s also surrounded by a number of misconceptions. Here are a few common handstand myths, and the reality behind them:

  1. Handstands are only for gymnasts and athletes. While handstands do require a certain level of physical fitness and coordination, they can be practiced by anyone with a willingness to learn and practice. In fact, handstands are a great way for anyone to build strength, improve balance, and increase body awareness.
  2. Handstands are easy to learn. While the handstand looks simple, it actually requires a lot of practice and skill to execute properly. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with handstands for months or even years before they feel comfortable and confident in the position. This is one of the most common Handstand myths on the market.
  3. Handstands are all about upper body strength. While upper body strength is certainly an important factor in handstands, it’s not the only factor. In fact, the handstand is just as much about balance and core strength as it is about upper body strength. You’ll need to engage your core muscles to keep your body upright and maintain your balance.
  4. Handstands are dangerous. While handstands do carry some risk of injury, especially if you’re not properly trained or prepared, they’re not inherently dangerous. With proper form and a trained spotter, handstands can be a safe and enjoyable way to challenge your body.
  5. Handstands are only for people with flexible shoulders. While flexible shoulders can certainly make handstands easier, they’re not a requirement. In fact, many people with relatively inflexible shoulders are able to learn handstands with proper training and practice.

In conclusion, the handstand is a challenging but rewarding feat that can be practiced by anyone with the right training and mindset. Don’t let stupid outdated handstand myths hold you back from trying this amazing feat for yourself!

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