Individual Style in Hand Balancing featuring Harry Williams

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Sasha Sosniak
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Handstand practitioners are not created equal: they are not all the same height, weight, and flexibility level. Since this is the case, why would anyone be teaching handstand the same way to all people? Harry Williams, an awesome Handstand coach in Perth, is intent on teaching to the individual body and has seen a lot of success with this method.

Our friend Soundschi from Handstand Diary sits down to talk to Harry about teaching Handstand. He engages her in an interview that is packed with advice and individual training. Even more, he makes her stand up and balance on one foot.

How else can he prove a point about the physicality of the body? Of course she has to feel it!!!  Harry’s hands on teaching approach is very evident and so is his authenticity.

“F%ck the form and just go for it,” he exclaims. First you learn, you feel, then you perfect alignment.

Some of Harry’s other Handstand nuggets include:

-to acquire a skill you need a systematic approach 

-choose to be still and not flail around whenever possible

-standing on your hands is the same as standing on your feet

-when you are learning a skill, utilize the advice that makes sense and drop the rest 

-pick the quickest point from point A to point B 

This interview is PACKED with goodies, check it out!

Harry is a skateboarder, turned yogi, turned Handstand coach. Even with all of his movement experience, he loves the constant challenge of this practice and continues to learn daily.

He attributes his success in teaching to all the different people he’s taken class from and to the hard work that he puts in every day .

I’m so glad Soundschi got to interview him!

To connect with Soundschi, ask her a question on her YouTube channel or go directly to her website. Stay tuned for more Handstand goodies from me, Kyle, and Soundschi next week!


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