Sascha Bachmann, a Pro Hand Balancer and Performer

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Sasha Sosniak
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For most of us, Handstands are something we try occasionally in a yoga class, at the park, or possibly at the bar… after having a few. For Sascha Bachmann, doing Handstands and performing are his entire life.

Our friend Soundschi had a chance first to train with, and then to sit down and talk to Sascha about his life as a Pro Handstand-er and Performer. He went to Circus Camp when he was 16 years old and within a year he was in training to be a Circus performer.

Most of us spend months, if not decades, figuring out our passion in life. For Sascha, the life of Handstands and performing was undeniable from an early age.

Some of Sascha’s musings on “the Handstand life”:

  1. Handstanding is hard work! 
  2. Having Handstand be part of his career has allowed Sascha to progress further than he would have if he was just doing it for fun, or even for Insta-fun. 
  3. When he is on the road doing Handstand performances, he still finds time to practice his other skills with aerial straps at least once a week.
  4. Sascha believes recovery is necessary and should be part of training. He says it should be adjusted based on how the body is feeling.
  5. Sascha thinks that being in tune with your body is huge for preventing injuries. 

Now, for a different “tuning in”… Check out Soundschi’s full interview with the one and only… Sascha Bachmann!

We hope you enjoyed this really well thought out interview… in a car! Soundschi knows how to keep things interesting and fun. To comment or ask her a question, please go to her YouTube feed or check out her page

Stay tuned for more Handstand goodies from me, Kyle, and of course, Soundschi! I know, I know, you’re at the edge of your seat!

For now… Peace.

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