Perspectives on Teaching Handstand, featuring Emmet Louis

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Sasha Sosniak
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There is a difference between someone who knows how to perform a skill really well and someone who knows how to teach a skill well. Teaching Handstand is technical and it is an art form all at the same time. In the video below our friend Soundschi from Handstand Diary, interviews Emmet Louis, the Splits Wizard, about teaching Handstand and what makes a great instructor.

Some people may be really great at performing or doing something, yet when it comes to teaching a beginner, they forget all the nuances that went into their own training. In fact, they are so engrained in what they can already do, it is hard for them to break a skill down step by step for someone who is many steps behind them. It is a teacher’s job to keep track of these nuances and steps, thus individualizing each program, no matter what they are teaching.

Kyle can attest to this; when teaching Handstand, even in a group setting, treat everyone as an individual! Emmet is big on this as well.

Here are some other things Emmet Louis is big on:

  • a good coach understands the science of training
  • a good coach does not apply group tendencies to the individual
  • a good coach learns what motivates each of their students

Emmet also loves the 3Ws when it comes to individualizing Handstand Training:

Who am I speaking to?

What do they want?

Where are they in relation to this goal?

Here’s the full interview!

What did you think? I thought Emmet was very personable and had some great insight for ALL teachers. Soundschi asked great questions and I love how she drew on her own experiences. To ask her a question or send her some love, please go to her YouTube feed. You can also go directly to her website at

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