Obsessiveness & Reasonability In Handstand Training

Kyle Weiger
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If you have a regular Handstand practice, you understand the obsession. Soundschi over at Handstand Diary recently interviewed Mikael Kristiansen, one of the world’s foremost Handstand coaches to talk about what’s reasonable in your practice.

One of my favorite things that Mikael talks about here is managing your energy in an efficient way. Gah! I couldn’t agree more!

Quality training always wins, especially in skill work like a Handstand. For those of us who have had exposure to the traditional gymnastics mentality, you’ve seen just how brutal it can be. Skill training is DIFFERENT, and I love the way Mikael articulates it here in comparison to learning a musical instrument.

For more from Mikael, you can follow him @mikaelbalancing

If you have questions or comments for Soundschi, you can leave them here on the YouTube video feed, or head on over to handstanddiary.com and reach out to her directly!

Stay tuned Handstander, as I have plenty more Handstand goodies from Soundschi coming your way! Her light-hearted approach to practice and genuine good nature make her a pleasure to work with, so be sure to keep coming back for more Handstand tips, interviews with the pros, and general practice knowledge.

Easy 🙂