Miguel Sant’ana On Building a Strong Handstand

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Sasha Sosniak
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You know it’s meant to be when you can’t stop working on it. Every. Single. Day. This was Miguel Sant’ana’s journey with Handstand. Once he started practicing, he was quickly recognized for having a strong Handstand. Of course, it was only a matter of time before his teaching became highly regarded and requested all over the world.

In the video below, our friend Soundschi from Handstand Diary sits down with Miguel to speak with him about all things Handstand and his teaching journey.

A capoeira practitioner, Miguel has always loved moving his body.

He started learning Handstand by practicing, or in his own words “going crazy on the wall… day by day… skill by skill…” He had to feel it all himself; the strength and the struggle.

He brings this concept into his teaching every single day –

“I teach your body, not you head… Your head is not going to teach you Handstand.” 

This is such a powerful concept. You can learn and understand the process of doing something physical backwards and forwards, but until you FEEL it in your own body you never truly understand it. 

This is what Miguel does – he teaches you how to feel. That’s why he never plans a class; you don’t know what people need to learn how to feel until you see them in their Handstand process. Pretty cool, right?

Check out the full interview!

The greatest thing about Miguel, besides his awesomely strong Handstands, is his humility – he still believes that his Handstand line needs to be better. He also honors all teachers and their approaches – what works for him may not work for everybody, and he encourages people to find the teacher that speaks to them.

A true teacher is a teacher that teaches from the heart … they teach from their own experience.

I’m so glad Soundschi did this interview, she’s got a great way of getting people to talk about themselves in an authentic way. To ask her a question or leave her a comment you can go to her YouTube feed. You can also go directly to her website.

Stay tuned for more Handstand awesomeness from me, Kyle and Soundschi!  Have a wonderful week.


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