Kyle’s Handstand Course… here I go!

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Sasha Sosniak
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One Year Ago there was no handstand course…

One year ago, I was far from considering a Handstand course. Instead, I had just given birth to a beautiful daughter. One year and ten (ish… how does that work again?) months ago, I became pregnant for the first time in my life. Since then, my body has gone through so many changes, and there have been so many ebbs and flows physically and emotionally. My life got turned upside down – a job loss at the beginning of my last trimester and a struggle with my purpose that followed. At the same time, my body went through a very natural yet trying process of growing a human… And then…. a beautiful 19 hour birth experience, which was nowhere near my very easy going birth plan. Then came the recovery, and a whole other life adjustment of having a little one around.


A year later, to say that I am back to normal would be to lie to the world. I am feeling more like myself, definitely more confident and easy in my body. I’m learning to accept myself again – it is an intention I set every morning when I wake up. I want to accept myself fully so that my daughter learns to accept herself. There’s nothing more important to me than to model to her what a strong confident woman is so that she grows up comfortable in her own skin. So, finding acceptance, feeling confident, empowered, and strong in each moment regardless of the past is incredibly important to me.

Handstand Course…

Enter Kyle Weiger and his 6 week Handstand Course. It has been a challenge for me to get started. All my insecurities have surfaced – I’m afraid of failing and not “nailing” Handstand – something I’ve always avoided and been afraid to work towards. I’m afraid of literally falling. However, every time I’ve fallen in life (including that one time I fell into my laundry room trying handstand), I’ve been able to pick myself back up.

So, after weeks of sitting on this idea, and not hand standing, I’m finally ready to get off my booty and work through all my stuff. I’m ready to get over the fact that my body and my life have changed forever; to find myself in this moment, in this body, as whole. No pressure, Kyle. haha. 

Getting upside down can be so empowering because we realize our constant instability, over and over, and we learn how to deal with it, time and time again. Over time, we grow confident in our ability to learn, to push ourselves, and to adjust to the moment.

Follow me on my journey starting next week!



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