Holy Hollow! Kyle’s Handstand Course, Week 1

Sasha looking far on her left with elbow resting on the bridge rail

Sasha Sosniak
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A little bit about me…

So I told you earlier about my fears and why I was interested in Kyle’s course.

Here’s a little background on my movement/fitness life.

I love movement. I have loved it my whole life. I’m the most athletic person in my whole family that’s for sure. I grew up cross country skiing and playing soccer. When I moved to the United States from Russia, I was 11 years old and had to stop most of my extracurricular activities, because my parents couldn’t afford them. So, I took up dance — it was something that was offered in school as I went to a performing arts Middle and High School.

I loved dancing; the way it made me feel, the community it helped me to create, and of course… the fun! I even became a Modern Dance minor in college. After a short stint dancing after college, I got very much into yoga after a small injury.

As my yoga journey progressed, I ended up with other minor injuries. That’s when I started to pay more attention to how I was moving and slowed down my practice. In fact, I slowed down my practice so much that I took all the “fun’ things out of it. I also started to pick up weight training, biking, and swimming to replace the intensely physical side of yoga.

So… handstands were out… Until now that is:)

Kyle’s Course… Week 1

I thought it was so fun! It was challenging for me to establish a routine and actually do ALL the components. I kept wanting to skip the Essential Joint Health piece and had to talk myself into this reality — self care while training is one of the most important components of any routine. It ensures longevity for your body and actually sets you up for success when it comes to completing the course.

Hollow Body, Yo

Wow. So, having done this movement prior to being pregnant, I thought I could do Hollow Body 3 holds, all the way through. Two days later my low back was so angry at me, I had to take a 5 day break and do some self care work at home. Think body rollers and whining combined.

Then, I did the week over again in order for things to feel fair to this perfectionist. This time, Hollow Body 1 was my friend.

The reality of pregnancy is that the core muscles stretch and they do not get used for a while.

I did a lot of work with my stabilizer muscles and pelvic floor while I was pregnant and thought that this would mean getting back to my regular core strength really fast. It hasn’t been. I have to constantly remind myself to breathe and to honor where I am. My body did this incredible thing and yes it will never be the same. Yet, I can still build strength… throwing myself into it was not the way to do it though. Baby steps… That’s what I’m learning…

Hollow, you kicked my butt and opened my eyes… thank you…

Also, here’s a little breakdown Kyle did of Hollow on YouTube. I hope it helps!



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