Handstand Workout: A Straddle Series in 22 Minutes

Handstand Workout Straddle

Kyle Weiger
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This Handstand workout series was designed for you if you don’t have a full 60 – 90 minutes every single day to practice, and still want to keep progressing in your training. It’s a quick and easy look at Straddle progressions that you can do with minimal equipment. With that said, let’s get started!

Handstand Workout Step 1: Warm Up & Joint Health

Ok, so let’s get started! As with any Handstand workout, I ALWAYS start by warming up my wrists and shoulders. This is an absolutely crucial part of your programming and I’ll encourage you to make it a habit if you’re going to train Handstand regularly!

I cannot tell you how many eager students have hurt themselves by not warming up. They then have to take a few weeks off from training and their overall practice suffers, which isn’t fun for anyone. So do yourself a big favor, and just get in the habit of rocking out your wrist and shoulder warm up every time, NO MATTER WHAT.

Handstand Workout Step 2: Hip Flexor Warm Up

In the video below we start off in a simple seated Straddle position, just to get used to it in a static setting. We then follow up with dynamic hip flexor work through a series of leg lifts. Yes, you may cramp and that is totally normal for anyone who doesn’t do these particular exercises regularly.

I like to use a yoga block or water bottle to give myself and obstacle course, over which I will lift my leg several times. See Handstand workout video below for full details.

Handstand Workout Step 3: Beginner Progressions

So this is where the rubber meets the road, and you get to work on your skill progressions. I like to start with some very simple hops to elevation, then simply increase the elevation over time.

This part looks a little different on everyone, so make sure you take on the role of self-coach and be ready to meet yourself where you are at. Remember, there is no finish line, just constant progress!

Handstand Workout Step 4: Advanced Progressions

The final piece of this Handstand workout is to take your legs all the way up the elevator into your Handstands. The video below explain how to use the weight and momentum of your legs to create a bit of “carry”, and lead you to you final position.

If you’re not there right away, that’s OK! This practice is all about making small gains every day and doing the little things right. It takes time to create big change in your Handstand, so be ready to put in the work.

In conclusion, use this Handstand workout to make sure you get at least a few reps in regularly, even when you’re crunched for time!

And remember…You got this!

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