Handstand Interview with Yuri Marmerstein

Kyle Weiger
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My good friend Soundschi over at Handstand Diary travels the world to train with many of the same coaches I do, and this installment is a beautiful interview with one of my favorite coaches, Yuri Marmerstein.

I’ve had the pleasure of training with Yuri 4 times in 2018 and I’m super excited to continue learning under him in the years to come. He has an absolute wealth of knowledge about Handstanding, and he might be one of the most real people out there. His techniques and approaches to training are always met with a focus on individualized training and the ethos of: One size does NOT fit all!

Sounschi sat down with the legend himself to talk about his journey into a love of movement, and I’m beyond pleased to be able to share their conversation with you here! Enjoy!

If you have questions or comments for Soundschi about her time with Yuri, you can leave them here on the YouTube video feed, or head on over to handstanddiary.com and reach out to her directly!

Stay tuned Handstander, as I have plenty more Handstand goodies from Soundschi coming your way! Her light-hearted approach to practice and genuine good nature make her a pleasure to work with, so be sure to keep coming back for more Handstand tip, interviews with the pros, and general practice knowledge.

Easy 🙂