Handstand Injuries and Training While Parenting

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Sasha Sosniak
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David Marion is one of seven people in Perth who can rock one armed Handstand! He’s super relaxed on the couch as our friend Soundschi asks him all about fitting in Handstand training and coaching while being a parent. They also discuss his many Handstand injuries.

“Getting an injury is part of the learning process,” David exclaims. He thinks it’s a way to learn your body’s limits and understand yourself better as an athlete.

David also talks about working through Handstand injuries with his clients. So much of what he does is help others do functional movement again to better their quality of life. He thinks it’s extremely¬† rewarding seeing someone progress after an injury and even surprise themselves.

“Seeing someone hang on the bar for 20 seconds when they couldn’t even lift an arm a few weeks prior is more rewarding than experiencing myself do Handstand for a minute.

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Becoming a parent sure changed David’s perspective. He has learned that it is ok to not seek constant progress. Training to maintain skill level can be rewarding too and it’s actually allowed him to polish certain movements.

Another great interview! To ask Soundschi a question, go to her YouTube feed or visit her website directly.

Next week, there will be more Handstand goodness from me, Kyle, and Soundschi! Stay tuned!


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