Hand Balance in Yoga with Shakti and Rama

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Sasha Sosniak
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One of the coolest things about learning and practicing Handstand is the variety of approaches one can take. Our friend Soundschi sat down with two international Yoga Teachers – Shakti and Rama, to speak with them about hand balance in Yoga.

It turns out that all yogis view Handstand differently too! There’s not a single “yogic” Handstand approach. Rama’s approach is much more mental, while Shakti loves the physicality of the practice.

Here are some fun takeaways from their interview:

-both Rama and Shakti agree that Handstands look strong on the outside, yet it is best for inside (mind and attitude) to be relaxed and focused. 

– according to Rama the mind and body are very much interconnected. When you become more relaxed mentally, your body is able to give in to stretching and other physical skill building practices easier. 

-for Shakti, her Handstand practice evolved when it became a daily consistent ritual. She even uses weights to stretch. She believes that working in an active mindful way is what got her to advance her Handstands. 

-Rama likes Handstands yet he admits he uses them as a tool to promote all things Yoga. So many people love hand balancing. Getting their attention on social media with a cool image is a way to get them interested in all aspects  of yoga. It’s a way in. 

-Shakti says she loves Handstands – they are cool and make her super happy. They are now a way into her meditation practice. 

Here’s the full interview!

Soundschi is insightful as usual and ask some great questions about meditation; don’t miss this video! If you have any questions for Soundschi, you can reach her on her YouTube feed or directly on her website.

We have some cool Handstand excitement coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned!


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