Handstand Retreat with Miguel Sant’ana, A Review

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Sasha Sosniak
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To retreat or not to retreat…That is the question. According to our friend Soundschi, you should definitely Handstand retreat. However, take time to digest the information you learn on one retreat before jumping into the next.

Soundschi did two retreats in one month and she admits that it felt a bit disjointed to squeeze in immersive teachings from two superstars with such different styles. It is normal for teachers to have different approaches. While no approach is wrong, it can certainly feel contradictory to go on two Handstand retreats in a month and learn from two very different, though equally awesome, people. So, retreat away, just take a break and practice what you learned before signing up for another one. 

Here are some of Soundschi’s main takeaways from her time with Miguel Sant’ana:

  1. Handstand conditioning is real! More reps and longer holds – Miguel will challenge you to get our of your comfort zone. 
  2. You will learn a lot about Handstand, and a lot about yourself in the process. 
  3. Miguel’s spotting and adjustments are intuitive and “on point.” You will learn a lot about how you move. 
  4. Miguel has an enormous passion for teaching and you trust him to take you deeper into your Handstand practie.
  5. Miguel also knows how to bring people together – you will also learn from all the other beautiful humans who attend the retreat. 
  6. The venue wasn’t 100% optimal and overpriced, so that was a bit of an adjustment for Soundschi. You live, you learn. 

Here’s the full review!

What do you think? Are you going sign up for a Handstand retreat tomorrow? I sure want to!

What’s really great is that so many awesome people host these, including Kyle himself. So choose a great destination, a teacher that speaks to your training style, and pack your bags!

Soundschi is making her way around the world and she is a great resource for these as well. You can leave her a comment on her YouTube feed or drop her a line directly on her site.

Stay tuned for more Handstand goodies from me, Soundschi and Kyle! Sending lots of goodness your way.


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