Handstand Factory- A Handstand Retreat You Won’t Forget

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Sasha Sosniak
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There are many ways to learn a skill. Once in a while, it helps to totally immerse yourself in training. This is tough to do in the real world, which is why Handstand retreats are a thing.

Our friend Soundschi with Handstand Diary traveled to Turkey and did a one week Handstand retreat that allowed her to train with Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis. It was called Handstand Factory. Her full review of the experience is below.

Here are some highlights of what you can expect from a Handstand retreat that is run by teachers who are deeply engrained in your learning and have done a lot of education themselves.

  • a personalized online program prior to starting your immersion
  • you are able to work at your own level and are supported where you are, even though there are practitioners of multiple skill levels at the retreat
  • optional evening workshops galore – a recovery tools workshop, a Daoism workshop, etc. Think about what something like that can do for your mental training! 

Sounds pretty great, right? And I haven’t even mentioned the food, the comfort of your rooms, the community you create, or the potential sight seeing you can do during your time off.

Soundschi concludes that the overall Handstand retreat experience is pretty awesome and totally worth the investment. She especially appreciated that:

– there was an increase in Handstand consistency from the whole group

  – there was an artist environment! It’s so easy to get swept up in training and honing in skills. However, doing Handstands also comes from a deep place of artistry and emotion for a lot of people.  She was able to tune in to that in Turkey. 

Here’s the full review –

What do you think? Are you going sign up for a Handstand retreat tomorrow? I sure want to!

What’s really great is that so many awesome people host these, including Kyle himself. So choose a great destination, a teacher that speaks to your training style, and pack your bags!

Soundschi is making her way around the world and she is a great resource for these as well. You can leave her a comment on her YouTube feed or drop her a line directly on her site.

Stay tuned for more Handstand goodies from me, Soundschi and Kyle! Sending lots of spring time goodness your way.


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