Consistency In Your Handstand Training

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Kyle Weiger
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Soundschi over at Handstand Diary hits yet another home run in this video! You hear me talk about consistency all the time, and here she really articulates just how valuable it is.

She outlines the effects of your environment on your training schedule, and how external influences like social encouragement and accountability partners can ALL influence just how much you train, which will of course determine how fast you progress. It’s no secret that a clean Handstand line is the result of thousands of hours of work and dedication.

So, as Soundschi points out; the thing that limits most people in their handstand training is CONSISTENCY. Think about what would help you get more consistent, make a plan, and watch your Handstand evolve. This is what hard work and training, when it comes to handstand, is all about.

Have a look here as Soundschi breaks down what this looks like in everyday life. Enjoy!

*SPOILER ALERT*…bloopers at the end!

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Easy 🙂

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