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Do any of these sound familiar to you?
"I'm über glad I jumped in and started this, something I've always wanted to try & accomplish! I've learned to stack my body and joints, and balance on my hands in space. I'll be able to jump into a handstand, be able to correct my posture and hold the balance. I'm way stronger and more aware in my body."
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The biggest roadblock that every beginner Handstand student faces is that they don’t know what they don’t know. Your Handstand is much more than just putting your hands on the ground and hurling your legs in the air.

In fact, I have a name for this approach…

The “Kick & Pray” Method… 

I totally get it because I was there too once!!
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Logically, it makes sense that practicing kicking up over and over is the quickest way to learn Handstand…but if if that’s true…then why is the learning curve soooo long???

Well, let me put it to you with a clear analogy that everyone can understand…

Let’s pretend you want to take a road trip to place you’ve never been. Would you just get in your car and start driving without having looked up any directions?

I know I wouldn’t. If you were trying to get somewhere you’ve never been, you’d want to have some kind of roadmap or plan so you don’t waste time just driving around endlessly, right?
Well, that’s exactly how this beginner course is set up. This course is your systematic roadmap through all of the elements, so you can put them all together for some serious Handstand improvements!


Here are all the juicy details of your online video program. Each workout video in the program serves a specific purpose for installing Handstand into your neurophysiology.

I put this program together so you can take the guesswork out of your training, and simply follow a step-by-step roadmap to success!
Coach Kyle doing beginner handstand drills using chair for the Movement training video.


This is fundamentally the most important video in the series. In order to be a good Handstander, you need to learn the right movement patterns of Scissor, Tuck, and Straddle. This video shows you all the progressions for each!
Coach Kyle doing hollow body drill for the Handstand Training course


Ok, so once you learn how to move smoothly and efficiently, you then need to dial in your Shape. This video focuses on open shoulders, hollow body, and active legs to achieve your cleanest line. It’s the building block of a beautiful Handstand!
Coach Kyle demonstrating beginner handstand drills at the wall!


After you learn how to Move into your Shape, the next Element is making you STRONGER! This video will give you all the proper drills to build crazy strength in the different positions, so you can stay up for longer!
Coach Kyle handstand drill at the wall for the Handstand Increasing Balance Training course


Refining your balance is the last piece of the puzzle, and it’s an awesome journey. This video gives you my top drills for increasing your sense of balance on your hands, so get ready to experience some hangtime!
Coach Kyle doing handstand full workout at the wall for Handstand Training course


Here we go! Time to put it all to the test. This video is a full workout from start-to-finish that incorporates all the Elements! You’ve laid the groundwork. Now it’s time to get the most out of your practice!


You’ll be using all 5 of these videos to systematically install the elements of Handstand into your body.

The workout guide tells you exactly how to use these videos together for maximum gains in your Handstand. It even includes your rest days so your body can recover and adapt!

Handstand Training Calendar
Here’s how to know for sure if this is the right training for you:


To put things in perspective, my private rate for 1-on-1 Handstand training is $150/hour. Now, if you multiply $150/hour by 4 full weeks of Handstand training, you’ll run easily over $2000+…but your investment isn’t anywhere near that today.

Likewise, my weekend intensive Handstand training workshops that I run all over the world, and teach these exact same Elements costs $175 tuition…so that’s legitimately how much this program costs normally…

And because you’ve read this far, I get the feeling you’re serious about nailing your Handstand, so I want to offer you a MUCH BETTER DEAL today. Here’s the total package you’re getting today:


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Handstand Training Calendar



Grab your copy today and save $78!

$97 USD

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You train literally anywhere you want to. Your Handstand Course can be done from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, so you can train your Handstand at home or on the go! The most important part is that YOU get to choose where you train!
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 Upon logging in, you get immediate access to the workout video and PDF Workout Guide, along with your custom tracking system that shows up on your Dashboard, so you know exactly where you’re at in your workout Phases!

After you complete each Phase, you simply click the “Mark Completed” button and you’ll be prompted to the next Phase of your training. It’s that easy!


If you do this full course and don’t come out the other side with the absolute BEST handstand that you’ve ever had…Wait…actually…that has literally never happened in the 8000+ online students I have 🙂

Now, everyone starts at different places in their Handstand Journey. I started at 34, and my mom started at 59, for example.

Since I have been coaching this practice for students of all ages, shapes, and sizes, my guarantee is super simple: This program will 100% give you the BEST handstand that you’ve ever had in your life!

This is where your LIFETIME ACCESS starts to return compounding rewards! A lot of students do this course multiple times because they get stronger and can balance for longer each time they cycle through the program!
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So if you had any reservations about joining today, go ahead and put your mind at ease. This course is going to give you the results you want, and if you have any questions at all, TEXT ME AT 657-215-5717 and I’ll be ready to help you!


Your workouts are between 60 – 70 minutes, which you do 3 – 5 times per week. The workouts vary in length, depending on which Phase you are in. For example, Phase 1 has a shorter workout because you’re just getting started. As you get stronger, you’ll be introduced to new drills and homework so you can continue to grow and improve.
One VERY important thing you need to know is that when you grab your copy today, you get to keep it forever and YOUR MEMBERSHIP NEVER EXPIRES.
This is absolutely 100% ok! Some people take more time with the first couple of Phases to get used to the training. Others stay on some of the later Phases for longer to work on skill refinement. Even after you mark a Phase as complete, you can go back to it as many times as you want.
You’re a busy person and I can definitely appreciate that. Sometimes life puts a lot on your plate. So if you want to take longer than 6 weeks to complete it, you absolutely have that option. Or if you want to grab it now while it’s on sale and access it later, it’ll be there waiting for you!
One thing you can absolutely count on is that this training will 100% make you a better all around athlete no matter what! So over the 28-days you’ll notice improvements in every other aspect of your physicality!
If you have any other questions, you can always text me directly at 657-215-5717! I want to make sure you’re 100% totally confident in starting your Handstand journey, so I’m here for you as a resource to help you along the way!


I’m on a mission to show you that you are MUCH STRONGER than you think you are…

And not just a little stronger either…I’m talking like a “Holy sh*t! I can’t believe I just did that!” kind of stronger!
After coaching thousands of students online AND thousands more in-person, I can tell you with 100% certainty that you are absolutely capable of learning to nail your Handstand.

It all comes down to following a proven program, and putting in the work. That’s all you have to do!


"Kyle will no doubt get you from where you are to where you want to be in your handstand training. I can feel myself getting stronger every day in mind, body, and spirit. Easy!"
Handstand Course Student Grace Profile Picture
Kickboxing Instructor
"First impressions count so when I saw with the clarity of video and explanation of exercises, I thought we are on a winner here. To see every session started with a guided warm up, I am thinking this bloke not only knows how to do a handstand but he actually knows how to break an exercise down and teach it correctly while also taking care of the body. Well done to you Kyle."
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Fitness Expert
"I had zero experience with Handstand other than looking at people's pictures on Instagram. I was surprised at the trust I was able to build within myself, and that confidence was really what set off the Handstand. I would recommend this course to anyone!"
Handstand Course Student Juliet Profile Picture
Yoga Student
"I remember practicing handstands as a kid, and while I could sometimes walk on my hands, I could never hold a handstand. Now, forty some years later, I have been able to hold a handstand for more than 15 seconds, which seems like an eternity! Thanks for helping me meet a long-standing personal challenge!"
Handstand Course Student Amy Profile Picture
Graphic Designer
"I've always been afraid of kicking up in a yoga class and toppling over. And in this course I learned that Handstands aren't as scary as I thought they were! It's all about play and finding your line. I came away with a lot of great drills I can do in a yoga class if I want to. I can do my Planks & Hollows at home if I need to! Just overall a really great course!"
Handstand Course Student Chloe Profile Picture
Physical Therapy Student
"I learned a lot about consistency. It's crazy how in just 6 weeks you can make so much physical and mental progress. It was so fun and so physically challenging at the same time!"
Handstand Course Student Isaac Profile Picture
Non-Profit Volunteer
"I'm über glad I jumped in and started this, something I've always wanted to try & accomplish! I've learned to stack my body and joints, and balance on my hands in space. I'll be able to jump into a handstand, be able to correct my posture and hold the balance. I'm way stronger and more aware in my body."
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"I really enjoy that the class is both a full-body workout and a mind workout. On the mental side, it keeps me interested. I feel I am learning about the complexities of handstand in a way that will make permanent changes to my movement and the understanding of my body. Kyle's coaching is detailed but not overwhelming. On the physical side, I am challenged, and sweating, and just a bit sore between workouts."
Handstand Course Student Mara Profile Picture
Media Designer
"The great thing about Kyle's class is that his approach to it is very organized & tiered. He just doesn't give you a bunch of stuff and say 'Ok now do it'. I'd really recommend this course to anyone who's looking to bring some integrity to their Handstand."
Handstand Course Student Khary Profile Picture
College Professor
"This course is giving me inspiration, power and motivation in all aspects of my life. Kyle's method of teaching truly rocks! The things he says are motivating, encouraging, but keep me realistic, grounded and persistent to keep on working hard."
Handstand Course Student Petia Profile Picture
Musician & Vocalist
"I’ve been trying to stick a handstand for 2 years. It wasn’t until I started Kyle’s program that I got consistent with my balance. I like that the program is multidisciplinary and every exercise has a purpose. If you want to get a solid core and gain the necessary flexibility and balance required to stick a handstand, I’d highly recommend this program!"
Handstand Course Student Addie Profile Picture
Yoga Instructor
"This course taught me that even someone like me who's pushing 50, through a good solid foundation, can actually do a Handstand and learn to incorporate it into a regular yoga practice. What surprised me about the course was Kyle's approach. His Handstand background is Gymnastics and mine is mainly Yoga."
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$97 USD

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