All of my courses, workshops, and online groups in one place!
A 28-day program if you’re looking to add structure to your training. For “true beginners”.
My #1 course – 6 weeks of focused training. More for “beginner+” students.
Strength and conditioning course for people with 5+ seconds of balance already.
LIVE online group with weekly Zoom trainings. All levels welcome!


Building up your Handstand skills and strength comes down to a fundamental scientific principle: The S.A.I.D. Principle.

S.A.I.D. – Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand 

Learning to Handstand is a result challenging your body in the right ways, so that it can adapt to the specific skills & drills you are imposing.
✅ Your proficiency with your Handstand is a simple equation of the following factors: Frequency of Practice + Quality of Coaching = Your Skill Level.
You get whatever you train…so if you get training from an experienced coach, you are in a much better position than just trying on your own.
✅ The science behind learning a new skill is well known already. It’s a matter of repeating a task enough times until your body knows how to do it better than your brain.
The #1 thing holding most people back is that they just don’t believe they can learn it, and thus they never get started.
✅ Your body is capable of doing anything you ask of it. You just have to know how ask in the right way 🙂
Coach Kyle Weiger doing a handstand side view at the street with blurred buildings in the background


Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that I often get as a Coach. If any of these are still unclear after you read this, I’ve listed my personal cell number at the bottom of this section.
Absolutely not! This is a huge misconception. My very own mother learned how to handstand at age 59, and now she handstanding well into her 60’s.
All of the videos in my courses are roughly 50-60 minute with full warm-up and cool-down. My live Zoom trainings for the Handstand Inner Circle are 75-90 minutes. 
One thing you can absolutely count on is that Gymnastics training will 100% make you a better all around athlete no matter what! Handstand training will help you in every other aspect of your physicality!
If you have any other questions, you can always text me directly at 657-215-5717! I want to make sure you’re 100% totally confident in joining this group, so I’m here for you as a resource to help you along the way!


"I'm entering Phase 3 of right now and I've finally found the key tool to make my handstands a reality after 5+ years of headstands/handstands against the wall. I tried doing my own research and have sought out help from yoga studios in my area. No studios around me offered JUST a handstand class, and nothing seemed to be working for me. Kyle will no doubt get you from where you are to where you want to be in your handstand journey. I can feel myself getting stronger every day in mind, body, and spirit. Easy!"
Handstand Course Student Grace Profile Picture
Kickboxing Instructor
"I've always been afraid of kicking up in a yoga class and toppling over. And in this course I learned that Handstands aren't as scary as I thought they were! It's all about play and finding your line. I came away with a lot of great drills I can do in a yoga class if I want to. I can do my Planks & Hollows at home if I need to! Just overall a really great course!"
Handstand Course Student Chloe Profile Picture
PT Student
"I purchased the Handstand challenge and was a little skeptical at first (as there is a lot of rubbish out there). First impressions count so when I saw with the clarity of video and explanation of exercises, I thought we are on a winner here. To see every session started with a guided warm up, I am thinking this bloke not only knows how to do a handstand but he actually knows how to break an exercise down and teach it correctly while also taking care of the body. Well done to you Kyle."
Handstand Course Student Simon Profile Picture
Fitness Expert
"I remember practicing handstands as a kid, and while I could sometimes walk on my hands, I could never hold a handstand. Now, forty some years later, I have been able to hold a handstand for more than 15 seconds, which seems like an eternity! Thanks for helping me meet a long-standing personal challenge!"
Handstand Course Student Amy Profile Picture
Graphic Designer
"Before Kyle's course, I had zero experience with Handstand other than looking at people's pictures on Instagram. I was surprised at the trust I was able to build within myself, and that confidence was really what set off the Handstand. I would recommend this course to anyone!"
Handstand Course Student Juliet Profile Picture
Yoga Student
"I learned a lot about consistency. It's crazy how in just 6 weeks you can make so much physical and mental progress. It was so fun and so physically challenging at the same time!"
Handstand Course Student Isaac Profile Picture
Non-Profit Volunteer
"These last few weeks have been so much fun and I'm so stoked with the progress! I'm über glad I jumped in and started this, something I've always wanted to try & accomplish! I've learned to stack my body and joints, and balance on my hands in space. I'll be able to jump into a handstand, be able to correct my posture and hold the balance. I'm way stronger and more aware in my body."
Handstand Course Student Beth Profile Picture
"This course taught me that even someone like me who's pushing 50, through a good solid foundation, can actually do a Handstand and learn to incorporate it into a regular yoga practice. What surprised me about the course was Kyle's approach. His Handstand background is Gymnastics and mine is mainly Yoga."
Handstand Course Student Geoff Profile Picture
"I really enjoy that the class is both a full-body workout and a mind workout. On the mental side, it keeps me interested. I feel I am learning about the complexities of handstand in a way that will make permanent changes to my movement and the understanding of my body. Kyle's coaching is detailed but not overwhelming. On the physical side, I am challenged, and sweating, and just a bit sore between workouts."
Handstand Course Student Mara Profile Picture
Media Designer
"This course is giving me inspiration, power and motivation in all aspects of my life, that will last long after the 6 weeks are over. Kyle's method of teaching truly rocks! The things he says are motivating, encouraging, but keep me realistic, grounded and persistent to keep on working hard."
Handstand Course Student Petia Profile Picture
Musician & Vocalist
"The great thing about Kyle's class is that his approach to it is very organized & tiered. He just doesn't give you a bunch of stuff and say 'Ok now do it'. I'd really recommend this course to anyone who's looking to bring some integrity to their Handstand."
Handstand Course Student Khary Profile Picture
College Professor
"Prior to Kyle's course, my only experience with Handstand was kicking up to a wall and that was it. I never wanted to try any other way, and definitely not in the middle of the room"
Handstand Course Student Bobbie Profile Picture
Yoga Student
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