Handstand Performance with Andrii Bondarenko

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Sasha Sosniak
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Yup, this guy is a Handstand genius. Andrii Bondarenko is proud of his accomplishments. He has clearly worked his tail off (literally) to get to where he is – a solo Handstand performance artist with Cirque Du Soleil!

Our friend Soundschi sat down with Andrii to speak to him about his life of Handstand performance, training, and more. Being from Ukraine, Andrii was able to train with some great coaches early on, yet he started a bit late for a performance artist.

Check out some cool takeaways from their interview:

*His main skills are something that he has had to perfect for decades. Now that he is comfortable with the right and the left side, things are a bit easier and don’t take quite as long to master.

*At first, Andrii was lucky to have a group that traveled and performed with him. It was in a group setting that he got comfortable as a performer and the support he received was immense.

*After a while, Andrii was comfortable enough to start performing solo acts and he loves the freedom and independence it’s gotten him.

*Traveling the world and being away from family for long periods of time is not for the faint of heart. The work of a performer is very rewarding but can be tough on the personal life. Andrii says him and his wife make it work by communicating a lot and traveling to see each other whenever possible.

Check out the rest of the interview below. I loved hearing about his daughter and her Handstand abilities as a toddler!

What did you think of the interview? I’m pretty much ready to join the circus. But, in all seriousness, Andrii is super inspiring and makes me want to work harder for my goals. Don’t miss this one!

If you want to ask Soundschi a question go to her YouTube feed or even directly to her website. Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more Handstand inspiration next week!


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