Live 1-hour Zoom trainings so you can nail your handstand in 2023!
March 6th, 8th, & 10th @ 7:00am PST!
Let me just start by congratulating you on making the SMART decision! We are absolutely thrilled to have you join us for this 3-day handstand immersion.
You are about to take your handstand training to a new level in just a few short and focused days!
An email with the Zoom details has already been sent to you! But just in case…
Meeting ID: 813 1915 9635
Passcode: 112233
Add these Zoom details AND the dates below to your electronic calendar (Gmail, Outlook, iCal, etc) so that you can make sure you attend the live trainings.

Your goals are important, so let’s make them a priority!
*SIDE NOTE: Your microphone will be muted upon logging in. Leave it turned off during the training so that everyone on the call can have a clean and easy listening experience 🙂


We meet at 7:00am (Pacific Standard Time) on March 6th, 8th, and 10th!
Your trainings will last 60-70 minutes 🙂
Here is a TIME ZONE CONVERTER in case you need it! 
Smiling handstand coach Kyle Weiger front view splitting on wooden floor with houses in the background

DAY 1: MARCH 6, 2023

Consistency and accountability are the 2 biggest keys to developing your Handstand. So let’s set you up for success with a live ZOOM practice that will lay the groundwork for you to maximize the rest of the week!
Side view of coach Kyle Weiger handstanding above stairs of Denver Colorado Highland Bridge

DAY 2: MARCH 8, 2023

This group call will be much more focused on me watching you practice! I’ll be doing less demonstrating and a lot more coaching! You’re going to get a chance to see everyone else in the community practicing too, so you can use them as motivation and inspiration!
Coach Kyle Weiger doing handstand back facing with outdoor high altitude scenic background while the sun is setting

DAY 3: MARCH 10, 2023

Day 3 is an extended class with a small segment at the end on how to structure your training once Handstand Bootcamp comes to a close. I’ll arm you with some good strategies for getting the most out of your Handstand practice moving forward!


The Facebook group is an optional bonus of this training, where you’ll be interacting with myself and my team of coaches, along with posting your homework assignments and progress videos!
I only have ONE rule for the Facebook Group: Positive Vibes Always. This community is one of support, accountability, and encouragement, designed to make sure you hit your Handstand goals in 2023!
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Click that button and join the community 🙂


The Replay Page is definitely one that you’re going to want to save in your Favorites folder!
This is where you can revisit the Bootcamp live trainings in case you miss one of the sessions for any reason!
Click that button and save the page to your browser 🙂


As a coach, I want you to have access to the best training possible!

That said, MAKE SURE you move my emails to your primary inbox if they ended up in your Promotions folder…or even worse, your Junk Folder. Add me to your email contact list, or mark my emails as safe, so that they don’t get sent into the abyss of the internet.

I’ll be making announcements during this training via email that you won’t want to miss!


Two things:
1. MINDSET: I want you start thinking about and writing down your handstand/fitness goals. Let’s get focused on growth!

2. Come to the first day of Bootcamp ready to share your max hold time at the wall. I will ask at the beginning of the call for everyone to throw their hold times in the chat feed, to give my team an idea of where you are in your practice!
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