Smart move, my friend!

Below are the details for the next Free Handstand Workshop on September 23rd!

Zoom call with coach Kyle Weiger carefully observing students doing a handstand in an online class

Get ready to learn a few big things that are going to transform your handstand practice!


Here you go Rockstar! Make sure you add the date and Zoom info to your calendar, so you can block off our training time! I’ve also emailed these details to you as well 🙂

September 23rd @ 8:00am PST

Passcode: 112233

I can’t wait to meet you!
Logically, it makes sense that practicing kicking up over and over is the quickest way to learn Handstand…but if if that’s true…then why is the learning curve soooo long???

Well, let me put it to you with a clear analogy that everyone can understand…

Let’s pretend you want to take a road trip to place you’ve never been. Would you just get in your car and start driving without having looked up any directions?

I know I wouldn’t. If you were trying to get somewhere you’ve never been, you’d want to have some kind of roadmap or plan so you don’t waste time just driving around endlessly, right? 
Well, that’s exactly how this beginner workshop is set up!
My mom didn’t starting handstand until she was in her 60’s. Now she can hold for 30+ seconds in the middle of the room whenever she wants! Check out some of my other students making huge gains!
Social media post of Danielle Winslow giving positive feedback to coach Kyle Weigers course with handstand video