Handstand Bootcamp in Brisbane, Australia

Event Details
Type Workshop
Date November 2nd & 3rd, 2019
Location Yoga Everyday - 1/39 Hayward St, Stafford QLD 4030, Australia

Brissy, let’s do this!

I’m super excited to be coming back to your awesome city. Last year’s Handstand Bootcamp was so nice, we had to do it twice. Round 2!

Here’s the format:

November 2nd – Bootcamp Day 1: Foundations – The first day of bootcamp is focused on setting up your Handstand line and getting you into a confident stacked position, with and without the wall. We’ll be exploring a number of gymnastics-based drills for creating and maintaining your shape across various planes of movement. This session is all about training your brain/body connection to recognize your line from the entries of Scissor, Tuck, and Straddle!

November 3rd – Bootcamp Day 2: Progressions – The second day of bootcamp introduces techniques for longer holds and different leg positions. Handstand comes in so many shapes and sizes, so you’ll be exploring the different aspects of the position! Much like every other pose, every student wears Handstand a little different, so this session will give you tons of tools to find your strongest variation!



1. The easy way: You can sign up RIGHT HERE and reserve your spot right now.

2. If you prefer PayPal, you can send your tuition payment of $175 USD via PayPal to kyle@kyleweiger.com with the note “BRISBANE Handstand Workshops”

3. Put the cash into the claw of a carrier pigeon and let them smell a locket of my hair for a few minutes. They’ll do the rest.

I can’t wait to meet you!!!!!

Kyle Weiger
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