Core Strength Will Not Improve Your Handstand

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Sasha Sosniak
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Woah! This may be seen as controversial in some circles, but you heard it from our friend Soundschi first – Core Strength is not an end all be all of Handstand balancing! Working on a stronger core may not necessarily improve your Handstands.

Soundschi also makes this somewhat controversial statement…. “if you can stand up straight, you have enough core strength for Handstand.” Nailed it!

Some circles, yoga circles specifically, really focus on core strength when it comes to all things Handstand. Let’s get this straight – there are a ton of approaches, a ton of body types, and a ton of opinions. What Soundschi is stating is that overall alignment, body awareness and the strength of a few key muscle groups seems to do the trick when it comes to functional Handstand movement.

Soundschi breaks it down and explains that Handstand stability depends on the following:

-the stability and strength of your shoulders

-the strength and awareness of your wrists

-the positioning of your ribcage in relation to your shoulders

She admits that you need some core and glute strength as well. And even some ankle engagement!

In his teachings, Kyle is big on building strength through the entirety of your body so he talks a lot about hollow body exercises. Hollow body exercises work on core strength and spinal decompression. Yet even to him, these exercises are only a part of the Handstand puzzle.

Take a look at this video, maybe it will change your mind? Or confirm what you already know 🙂 


There you have it, Soundschi is a rockstar and she is not afraid to stir the pot. She has so much knowledge and it is wonderful to hear her insights. To leave a comment or ask Soundschi a question, go to her YouTube feed. You can also go directly to her website at

Please stay tuned for more Handstand truth bombs from me, Kyle and of course, Soundschi. Until next time.


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