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Welcome to the FAMILY!!

You’re an ELITE Handstander now and I am soooooo proud of you for taking this next HUGE step in your Handstand journey!

Here’s a few housekeeping items to set you up for massive success!

  1. Download the PDF Workout Guide and save to your computer and/or phone!
  2. Since you’re in a new class of student, I made you very special Welcome Video, so take a few minutes and watch it so you can get a proper introduction to the course!
  3. ELITE Handstanders know exactly what tools to use to accelerate their practice! Check your inbox for a list of quick and easy things you can use with this program to maximize your Handstand gains!
  4. Access to your Video Coaching is in that email as well, so open it up and let’s get you set up for a 2-minute hold, Pike Press, and One-Arm Handstand!



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