Get in the best shape of your life AND learn a super cool new skill at the same time! Watch this quick video the learn more!
Here’s how you know if you’re in the right place…
If any of these apply to you, I have some good news for you my friend, so keep reading!
"These last 6 weeks have been so much fun and I'm so stoked with the progress! I'm über glad I jumped in and started this, because it's something I've always wanted to accomplish! I've learned to stack my body and joints, and balance on my hands in space. I'll be able to jump into a handstand, be able to correct my posture and hold the balance. I'm way stronger and more aware in my body."
Handstand Course Student Beth Profile Picture


✅ Your proficiency with any fitness routine is actually a super simple equation: Frequency of Practice + Quality of Training + Coaching = Your Skill Level.
You get whatever you train…so if you’ve been endlessly kick up to the wall over and over with bad form, that’s the “skill” you’re going to acquire.
✅ You can make incredible gains in a short amount of time with focused skill training and drill progressions.
✅ You can get in the best shape of your life by dedicating yourself to skill that requires you to be in shape to be able to do said skill.
✅ You can absolutely balance your Handstand. You just need to be shown the right techniques
Coach Kyle Weiger doing a handstand side view at the street with blurred buildings in the background


Aside from learning how to do one of the coolest skills in the entire fitness world, here’s 4 other BIG you’re going to get from this program:

Strengthen Your Upper Body
Define Your Core
Increase Your Mobility & Flexibility
Get Better Overall Coordination
When you start training with a skill-based purpose, instead of just doing sets & reps of traditional exercises, your routine becomes fun…
AND you get the benefit of getting in great shape as you work towards the skill.
It’s a win-win!


So how exactly do you train for Handstand in a way that shortens the learning curve?

I’m so glad you asked 🙂
Square Graphic How It Works... Foundations First Add Height To Skills Endurance At Wall Balance Control Repeat Training Cycle
Getting your Handstand while getting in rockstar shape all comes down to smart training cycles, and in the next section, you’ll see exactly how you’re going to do this…


6 Weeks To Handstand has been the #1 online Handstand course for years, and that’s because it’s structured in a way that is guaranteed to make you stronger week after week!
This course gives you new skills and drill each week that build on the week before, so you can continue the skill acquisition process every time you train.
It’s time to bring more confidence and consistency to your Handstand!
Coach Kyle doing plank-to-hips up sliding drill for his handstand course


The Flirting Phase will introduce you to foundational Handstand movements, and sets you up for HUGE success in later Phases. This is where you will start to build your relationship to Handstand by installing smart movement patterns in your body.
Coach Kyle doing straddle and reaching left side for warm up his handstand course


Ok, so you finally worked up the courage to ask Handstand on a date…And I have some good news…Handstand is into it! Phase 2 is where you will start to accelerate your strength and balance and introduce new skills and drills!
Coach Kyle pre-standing drill using chair for his handstand course


From the physical standpoint, you can consider this a Load Week. You’ll increase the rep count and complexity of drills. Phase 3 will definitely be the most intimate training you’ve had with your Handstand so far.
Coach Kyle doing quarter handstand at the wall for Handstand Course Yoga and Meditation


After 3 weeks of increasing depth in your Handstand training, you’ve earned a very well-deserved De-Load Week. You will intentionally scale back the training days and focus on flexibility, so you can bounce back stronger than ever for Phase 5!
Coach Kyle handstanding at the wall for Handstand Course Yoga and Meditation


Reunited…AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! After your De-Load week, you will be in your prime state for the skill acquisition of the final 2 Phases, stepping up your intensity on your endurance holds, along with introducing fun dynamic Handstand movements.
Coach Kyle handstand drill at the wall for the Handstand Increasing Balance Training course


You and your Handstand are officially soulmates now. In this final Phase of your Handstand Course, you will work on skill refinement and locking in the detailed points of your Handstand. This is where all the puzzle pieces finally come together!
Here’s one thing I know for sure: Your Handstand is A LOT more than just working on your muscles. It’s your entire body and mind working together as one complete system, so these 2 additional videos put you in the best overall physical and mental shape so you can accomplish your goal!
Coach Kyle doing splits with blocks at his side for Handstand Course Yoga and Meditation


To be a true Handstander, working on your Mobility is absolutely ESSENTIAL! This video will give you strong and mobile Wrists, Shoulders, Hips, and Hammies. This routine is perfect for your off-days to keep you at peak performance!
Coach Kyle doing child pose with blocks at his side for Handstand Course Yoga and Meditation


Your off-days also focus on your holistic health, as the best compliment to your Handstand Course, because it puts your Central Nervous System completely at ease. You conclude your Vinyasa Flow with a Meditation on positive mindset and Handstand visualization exercises!
6 Weeks To Handstand course calendar by coach Kyle Weiger
This Workout Guide is your step-by-step roadmap to your big Handstand breakthroughs! And it also includes your important rest & recovery cycles!
If you want to feel stronger and more confident in your Handstand practice, you have to train it with a purpose, and start doing the drills that get actual results!
If you answer YES to any of the following, then this Handstand Course is definitely for you:
If any of these inquiries sparked something inside you, welcome to the tribe! 


FULL DISCLOSURE: I personally learned Handstand as an adult in my Mid-30’s, with absolutely ZERO background in gymnastics as a child.

Having learned as an adult myself, I set out on a mission to put together a program specifically for adult beginners that follows my systematic step-by-step roadmap for building strength AND balance!

Here’s the format that each of the 6 workouts follow to shorten your learning curve to freestanding balance!
Workout Protocol Graphic Essential Joint Health Dynamic Movement Static Strength Skills & Drills Handstand Entries Cool Down
This format gives you the immediate bio-feedback that you’ll feel on your very first workout.
So my question to you is this: Since all the reps, sets, skills, and drills are already mapped out for you step-by-step, is there any reason not to register for this course?


6WTHS is a step-by-step online video training course that gives you all the tools you need to build a stronger and confident Handstand!
Once you’re in the member’s area, you get access to all of the course workout videos 24/7/365! Come back and revisit as many times as you want! Here’s everything you’re getting with this course!
Collage of six videos of coach Kyle with play button for Handstand Course Yoga and Meditation
Collage of two videos of Kyle doing child pose and splits with play button for Handstand Course Yoga and Meditation
6 Weeks To Handstand course calendar by coach Kyle Weiger
 That’s $900 worth of coaching and video resources, and if you take action now, you are getting a MUCH BETTER DEAL! Keep reading 🙂
The biggest problem I see out there is students just trying to learn this skill on their own, getting little to no results…

Eventually, this lack of results just leads to them giving up, and then a year later they are stuck there still wishing they had stuck with it…


To put things in perspective, my rate for private coaching is $150/hour…so if you multiply $150 x 4-5 trainings per week x 6 weeks, you’re easily over $4000…

Likewise, my in-person studio workshops usually cost a studio $2500 – $3000 for the same drills and programming that you’re getting here…

So instead of $4000 or $2500…or the $900 worth of training resources, today I have a much better deal for you! 


Get it all taken care of upfront!
Quick and simple!

$197 USD


12 easy monthly payments!
Spread out the cost!

$23.25 USD

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Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you get a better understanding of the long-term value of this Handstand Course!
You’re a busy person and I can definitely appreciate that! Sometimes life puts a lot on your plate. So if you want to take longer than 6 weeks to complete the course, you absolutely have that option. With your lifetime access guaranteed, your membership never expires!
Your video workouts are between 60 – 70 minutes, which you do 3 – 5 times per week. The workouts vary in length, depending on which Phase you are in. For example, Phase 1 has a shorter workout because you’re just getting started. As you get stronger, you’ll be introduced to new drills and homework so you can continue to grow and improve.
This is absolutely 100% ok! Some people take more time with the first couple of Phases to get used to the training. Others stay on some of the later Phases for longer to work on skill refinement. Even after you mark a Phase as complete, you can go back to it as many times as you want.
One thing you can absolutely count on is that Gymnastics training will 100% make you a better all around athlete no matter what! So over the 6 weeks you’ll notice improvements in every other aspect of your physicality!
If you have any other questions, you can always text me directly at 657-215-5717! I want to make sure you’re 100% totally confident in starting your Handstand journey, so I’m here for you as a resource to help you along the way! 


When you pick up your copy of 6WTHS today, you’ll also get these 3 HUGE BONUSES to help you along your Handstand journey!

These bonuses are my gift to you just for taking signing up today, because if you’re a motivated student that takes action, I want you to have every resource possible to help you succeed!


Simply email me photo or video of your Handstand progress after you complete the program, and I’ll email you back with personalized coaching and tips for fine-tuning your practice! – $150 Value
Coach Kyle Weiger assisting his student teaching how to do a handstand at the wall


You become the average of whoever you surround yourself with the most. So when you pick up your copy of 6WTHS today, you’ll be automatically welcomed into out Members-Only Forums with all of the other Handstand students around the globe! – $250 Value
Handstand coach Kyle Weiger lecturing in the middle of his students circled around and listening in the background


Every year I host Handstand training retreats. and I want to give you $100 OFF any of my upcoming retreats just for grabbing your course today!

Your retreat destinations include Mexico, Costa Rica, and Bali, just to name a few. The $100 discount is good for as many retreats as you want to attend and the offer never expires! I can’t wait to train with you! – $100 Value
Coach Kyle Weiger Demonstrating a Handstand to his students circled around and watching in the background


Get it all taken care of upfront!
Quick and simple!

$197 USD


12 easy monthly payments!
Spread out the cost!

$23.25 USD

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 You train literally anywhere you want to. Your Handstand Course can be done from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, so you can train your Handstand at home or on the go!
Final Graphic Mockup of Coach Kyle Weiger's Handstand App
 Upon logging in, you get immediate access to the workout video and PDF Workout Guide, along with your custom tracking system that shows up on your Dashboard, so you know exactly where you’re at in your workout Phases!

After you complete each Phase, you simply click the “Mark Completed” button and you’ll be prompted to the next Phase of your training. It’s that easy!


If you do this full course and don’t come out the other side with the absolute BEST handstand that you’ve ever had…Wait…actually…that has literally never happened in the 8000+ online students I have 🙂

Now, everyone starts at different places in their Handstand Journey. I started at 34, and my mom started at 59, for example.

Since I have been coaching this practice for students of all ages, shapes, and sizes, my guarantee is super simple: This program will 100% give you the BEST handstand that you’ve ever had in your life!

This is where your LIFETIME ACCESS starts to return compounding rewards! A lot of students do this course multiple times because they get stronger and can balance for longer each time they cycle through the program!
Graphics with checkbox icon and text saying 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
So if you had any reservations about joining today, go ahead and put your mind at ease. This course is going to give you the results you want, and if you have any questions at all, TEXT ME AT 657-215-5717 and I’ll be ready to help you!


I’m on a mission yo show you that you are A LOT stronger than you think…like a “Holy Sh*t! I can’t believe I just did that!” kind of stronger! With over 8000 online students in 70+ countries, and several thousand more in live workshops, I can tell you with 100% certainty that my training approach gets results!
My in-person workshops have spanned the globe, with students of all ages and skill levels! Along with workshops in almost every major city in the US, I’ve been invited to teach in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, The United Kingdom, and Australia!


This program is absolutely perfect for adult beginner students who already have some kind of physical practice! So whether you do Yoga, CrossFit, H.I.I.T., or literally ANY kind of fitness, this online training was made for you!
"I really enjoy that the class is both a full-body workout and a mind workout. On the mental side, it keeps me interested. I feel I am learning about the complexities of handstand in a way that will make permanent changes to my movement and the understanding of my body. Kyle's coaching is detailed but not overwhelming. On the physical side, I am challenged, and sweating, and just a bit sore between workouts."
Handstand Course Student Mara Profile Picture
Media Designer
"I remember practicing handstands as a kid, and while I could sometimes walk on my hands, I could never hold a handstand. Now, forty some years later, I have been able to hold a handstand for more than 15 seconds, which seems like an eternity! Thanks for helping me meet a long-standing personal challenge!"
Handstand Course Student Amy Profile Picture
Graphic Designer
"I'm entering Phase 3 of 6WTHS right now and I've finally found the key tool to make my handstands a reality after 5+ years of headstands/handstands against the wall. I tried doing my own research and have sought out help from yoga studios in my area. No studios around me offered JUST a handstand class, and nothing seemed to be working for me. Kyle will no doubt get you from where you are to where you want to be in your handstand journey. I can feel myself getting stronger every day in mind, body, and spirit. Easy!"
Handstand Course Student Grace Profile Picture
Kickboxing Instructor
"I've always been afraid of kicking up in a yoga class and toppling over. And in this course I learned that Handstands aren't as scary as I thought they were! It's all about play and finding your line. I came away with a lot of great drills I can do in a yoga class if I want to. I can do my Planks & Hollows at home if I need to! Just overall a really great course!"
Handstand Course Student Chloe Profile Picture
PT Student
"I purchased the 6 Weeks to Handstand challenge and was a little skeptical at first (as there is a lot of rubbish out there). First impressions count so when I saw with the clarity of video and explanation of exercises, I thought we are on a winner here. To see every session started with a guided warm up, I am thinking this bloke not only knows how to do a handstand but he actually knows how to break an exercise down and teach it correctly while also taking care of the body. Well done to you Kyle."
Handstand Course Student Simon Profile Picture
Fitness Expert
"Before 6WTHS I had zero experience with Handstand other than looking at people's pictures on Instagram. I was surprised at the trust I was able to build within myself, and that confidence was really what set off the Handstand. I would recommend this course to anyone!"
Handstand Course Student Juliet Profile Picture
Yoga Student
"In 6WTHS, I learned a lot about consistency. It's crazy how in just 6 weeks you can make so much physical and mental progress. It was so fun and so physically challenging at the same time!"
Handstand Course Student Isaac Profile Picture
Non-Profit Volunteer
"These last 6 weeks have been so much fun and I'm so stoked with the progress! I'm über glad I jumped in and started this, something I've always wanted to try & accomplish! I've learned to stack my body and joints, and balance on my hands in space. I'm able to jump into a handstand, be able to correct my posture and hold the balance. I'm way stronger and more aware in my body."
Handstand Course Student Beth Profile Picture
"This course taught me that even someone like me who's pushing 50, through a good solid foundation, can actually do a Handstand and learn to incorporate it into a regular yoga practice. What surprised me about the course was Kyle's approach. His Handstand background is Gymnastics and mine is mainly Yoga."
Handstand Course Student Geoff Profile Picture
"This course is giving me inspiration, power and motivation in all aspects of my life, that will last long after the 6 weeks are over. Kyle's method of teaching truly rocks! The things he says are motivating, encouraging, but keep me realistic, grounded and persistent to keep on working hard."
Handstand Course Student Petia Profile Picture
Musician & Vocalist
"The great thing about Kyle's class is that his approach to it is very organized & tiered. He just doesn't give you a bunch of stuff and say 'Ok now do it'. I'd really recommend this course to anyone who's looking to bring some integrity to their Handstand."
Handstand Course Student Khary Profile Picture
College Professor
"Prior to 6WTHS my only experience with Handstand was kicking up to a wall and that was it. I never wanted to try any other way, and definitely not in the middle of the room"
Handstand Course Student Bobbie Profile Picture
Yoga Student
Is this going to be the time where you finally commit to your goals, and GO ALL IN on yourself and your capabilities? 
Or is this just going to be another time where you get all excited about something but don’t follow through? We’ve all been there once or twice, but I’m asking you to take the high road this time!

I’m here to commit to my role as your Coach, and all you have to do is show up and do the work in the program, and I guarantee you WILL come out with the best Handstand you’ve ever had!
This your time to 100% bust through your limiting beliefs, and follow a program designed to systematically get you stronger and more balanced!


Get it all taken care of upfront!
Quick and simple!

$197 USD


12 easy monthly payments!
Spread out the cost!

$23.25 USD

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