How Does It Work?

This 30-minute Handstand workout hits the most important parts of your body for Handstanding so you can:

+ Access Your Strongest Core!

+ Kick Up With Confidence!

+ Balance Like A Pro!

Unfortunately, most Handstand students are actually focusing on all the wrong body parts and they don't even know it! Yikes! They’ve been taught just to “kick up” without any technical knowledge of the Handstand shape. Fear not. I'm here to help!

The gymnastic conditioning drills in the next video will get you into Handstand 10x faster than yoga alone. After your 30-Minute Makeover, you’ll have an entirely new Handstand in your practice, because this video fixes the key inflection points that 90% of students don't even know they are missing!
- Shoulder Opening -
- Protraction Skills -
- Tightness Tests -
- Shrug Strength -
- Proprioception -

It's the real deal.


That's right.
When you pick up your 30 Minute Handstand Makeover right now, I'll give you a personal Handstand assessment for free. Your body is different and unique than anyone else's, so it only makes sense that you progress fastest with personalized coaching. Simply, you email me a photo or video of your Handstand, and I'll email you back with personalized coaching for your fastest path to a Handstand you can hold with confidence!



Private Handstand training with me is $200 an hour, so when I do a 30-minute makeover with a new client, I charge $100 for the session.

And because you're here today I want to give it to you for much less. In fact, it's going to be discounted to just the tiniest amount possible and you're getting your:
30-Minute Handstand Makeover for 99% OFF
Your Personalized Handstand Assessment for:


One. Whole. Dollar.

You'll only see this offer once because I only have so many hours in the day to do these Personalized Assessments, so get yours now!