If you want to learn how to hold for longer, you’ve come to the right place! Watch this short video first…it’ll tell you everything you need to know!
Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:
If any of these apply to you, I have some good news for you, so keep reading 🙂
"These last few weeks have been so much fun and I'm so stoked with the progress! I'm über glad I jumped in and started this, something I've always wanted to try & accomplish! I've learned to stack my body and joints, and balance on my hands in space. I'll be able to jump into a handstand, be able to correct my posture and hold the balance. I'm way stronger and more aware in my body."
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Building up to your 1-Minute Handstand comes down to just 1 thing…The S.A.I.D. Principle.

S.A.I.D. – Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand 

Getting your 1:00 handstand is an installation process that needs to be approached in training cycles of Condition, Rest, Test, Repeat.
Coach Kyle Weiger outdoor doing a handstand side view yet smiling at the camera with blurred buildings in the background
✅ Work your foundations and continue to reinforce the neural pathways of Scissor, Tuck, and Straddle…
✅ Learn how to increase your Time Under Tension so your body learns to adapt in both strength and balance…
✅ Follow a structured endurance program that gives you clear and obvious benchmarks for you to measure…
Train your Handstand against load/weight. It’s like running with a weight vest on, then taking it off and flying away!
✅ Train hard in 3-week cycles, then take a De-load week before you test your overall time gain! Repeat as needed.


✅ Your proficiency with your Handstand is actually a simple equation of the following factors: Frequency of Practice + Quality of Training + Coaching = Your Skill Level.
You get whatever you train…so if you train Handstand endurance in the way I have outlined, you will absolutely learn to hold for longer!
✅ You can make incredible gains in a short amount of time with focused training that follows a step-by-step roadmap that builds you stronger each week!
✅ You can use a wall in smart ways to build both strength AND balance into your body in just a few weeks! Most people get this one wrong!
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Here is the layout of your training videos. Each and every one of these workouts are designed with the S.A.I.D. principle in mind, and are guaranteed to get you holding your handstand for longer.
These videos are cycled in a specific order, so you can systematically challenge you, so your body can adapt and get stronger and straighter week after week.
Side view of coach Kyle Weiger doing a handstand at the brickwall


Your Foundations video is the baseline training that you’ll keep coming back to so you can dial in your technique and your entries. This is the exact program that I use in my very own training to keep all my skills sharp, and constantly improving. Now that you can balance, this is going to take you the NEXT LEVEL!
Side view of coach Kyle Weiger at the gym with kitchen and yoga balls on the background


A big part of your progress is going to be tracking your time under tension. This is how you measure you ability to stay up. You’ll be learning the same technique I use in my personal practice that got me to a 2 minutes and 36 seconds freestanding hold.


This workout is a true strength builder! You’ll be working at a 1:1 work:rest ratio for 50 minutes. This video is the key to building your overall endurance and conditioning, and is designed to build your endurance progressively.


Grab your ankle weights and let’s party! You’ll be doing this full Handstand workout with additional weight on your legs, and at the end you’ll take them off and see just how light and controlled you can feel. This is very smart way to train for gains!


Here’s the one thing I wish I would have focused on much earlier in my practice! Making your body more mobile and agile will add significant gains to your Handstand practice, so I’m including this additional mobility training video for you, so you can get more open shoulders, a wider straddle, and a deeper forward fold!


To be a good Handstander, working on your Mobility is absolutely ESSENTIAL! This video will give you strong and mobile Wrists, Shoulders, Hips, and Hammies. This routine is perfect for your off-days to keep you at peak performance, and get you stronger in bigger ranges of motion!


This 28-day cycle gives you 3 full weeks of technique and conditioning work, followed by the 4th week of de-loaded rest and testing. After that, you simply repeat and continue to build on your numbers!
Version 3 of The 1-Minute Handstand Pursuit Course of Kyle Weiger Workout schedule
For example: I want you to imagine going from 10 seconds to 25 seconds in the matter of just a few weeks, taking a week of active recovery, then in the next cycle going from 25 seconds to 45 seconds.

These are the actual realistic results you can expect when you follow this program.
If you answer YES to any of the following, then this Handstand Course is definitely for you:

Normally $600...

All major credit cards and PayPal accepted!


FULL DISCLOSURE: The video program is designed to be repeated.

Going back to the fundamentals of the S.A.I.D. Principle, let’s use a non-Handstand example to demonstrate our point…

If your goal is to run a marathon, and your current personal best distance is a 5-mile run…how do you build up to 26.2 miles?

Well, the answer is simple: You use smart training cycles that impose the demand of the specific adaptation that you want. Test your results, and simply repeat the process until you absolutely smash your goal!
Smart Cycles square graphic version 1
Given that you are going to repeat the cycle until you get to your 1:00 goal, the actual lifetime value of this course is FAR MORE than just the one-time use.

Each time you repeat the cycle, you are essentially training on a brand new body from the previous cycle. 

So you can expect to get stronger (by orders of magnitude) each subsequent time!
"This course is giving me inspiration, power and motivation in all aspects of my life, that will last long after the 6 weeks are over. Kyle's method of teaching truly rocks!"
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Musician & Vocalist


Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions about the 1 Minute Handstand Pursuit program. If any of these are still unclear after you read this, I’ve listed my personal cell number at the bottom of this section.
This is the most common question I get about this program, and I want to let you know that freestanding balancing is NOT required for this regimen. This course is pure strength and conditioning, plain and simple. If anything, this program is going to get you to your freestanding Handstand even faster, and then you can build to 1:00 from there!
Your workouts are between 45 – 60 minutes, which you do 3 – 5 times per week. The workouts are designed to be cycled in 28-day periods, and repeated as you get stronger.
One VERY important thing you need to know is that when you grab your copy today, you get to keep it forever and YOUR MEMBERSHIP NEVER EXPIRES.
This is absolutely 100% ok! Because everyone starts at different places, it makes total sense that every student is going to have the pace that’s right for them. And with this program being a repeatable training cycle, you can do it as many times as you want for continued Handstand gains!
One thing you can absolutely count on is that Gymnastics training will 100% make you a better all around athlete no matter what! So over the course of your training, you’ll notice improvements in every other aspect of your physicality!
If you have any other questions, you can always text me directly at 657-215-5717! I want to make sure you’re 100% totally confident in starting your Handstand journey, so I’m here for you as a resource to help you along the way!


The biggest complaints I hear from Handstand students are 1) Consistency. Some days they feel like superman/superwoman and the next they can barely get up at all…and 2) They can’t say with 100% confidence whether they are going to stick their Handstand or not on any given rep…they kick up and only have about a 50/50 probability of hitting it…

What they really want, and I bet you do too, is the ability to kick up with confidence and know that you’re 100% going to stick it…and beyond that….you CHOOSE when you come down.

I WANT THIS TO BE YOU! I want you to be so in control of your Handstand, that you hit it 100% of the time, you stay up for as long as you like, and you choose when to come down! So let’s get a plan together for you!

To put things in perspective, an individual 1-on-1 Handstand Coaching package with me is an extremely in-depth experience and is a $2400 investment. 

Likewise, students pay anywhere between $1750 – $2000 for my week-long intensive retreats , where I cover the exact same content that we will be doing in this course.

So anyway you slice it, high-level coaching like this is usually pretty expensive…I say “usually” because today I have a much better deal for you!

So instead of $2400 for individual coaching…

Or $2000 for intensive retreats or workshops…

Today you have the opportunity to unlock your 1:00 Handstand for a fraction of the cost…

And unlike my in-person events, you get to keep these digital resources forever!
Version 3 of The 1-Minute Handstand Pursuit Course of Kyle Weiger Workout schedule

Normally $600...

All major credit cards and PayPal accepted!


If you do this online course and don’t come out on the other end with the strongest and best Handstand you’ve ever had in your entire life, I will refund 100% of your money with absolutely no questions asked.
Graphics with checkbox icon and text saying 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The way that this program is set up and built on the S.A.I.D. principle, there is just no scientific way that you’re not going to improve over the length of this program! That said, if you put in all the work, and still feel unsatisfied with your results, I will absolutely refund you.

My programs get results. Plain and simple. Which is why I have absolutely no problem making you a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Photo Collage of coach Kyle Weiger's handstand progress 6 photos from left to right
“This program is so much more than just an online course. I got a 19-second freestanding hold today, and my best ever before that was 6 seconds!” – Claire, US 


 You train literally anywhere you want to. Your Handstand Course can be done from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, so you can train your Handstand at home or on the go!
 Upon logging in, you get immediate access to the workout video and PDF Workout Guide, along with your custom tracking system that shows up on your Dashboard, so you know exactly where you’re at in your workout Phases!

After you complete each Phase, you simply click the “Mark Completed” button and you’ll be prompted to the next Phase of your training. It’s that easy!


"There are no magic wands that can zap us into a perfect handstand. Sorry. But Kyle’s drills are the next best thing! I’ve been doing them for several weeks now and my tuck up into handstand has gone from “HELL NO” to “Oh look, I’ve tucked up into a handstand hurrah!"...Next stop: my straddle ups. And I’m already making progress and getting less frustrated because I can SEE my progress. Practising the right techniques really does get us closer to our goals, and if one of your goals is a solid handstand, start drilling now :)"
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Business Owner
"I remember practicing handstands as a kid, and while I could sometimes walk on my hands, I could never hold a handstand. Now, forty some years later, I have been able to hold a handstand for more than 15 seconds, which seems like an eternity! Thanks for helping me meet a long-standing personal challenge!"
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Graphic Deisgner
"This course taught me that even someone like me who's pushing 50, through a good solid foundation, can actually do a Handstand and learn to incorporate it into a regular yoga practice. What surprised me about the course was Kyle's approach. His Handstand background is Gymnastics and mine is mainly Yoga."
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""I have a new confidence in a different type of Handstand and I'm now able to incorporate these different body movements into my Yoga flow! Also, I learned that it's not just about trying to stick the Handstand in the moment, but all the prep work that goes into creating that final product."
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Yoga Instructor
"Kyle's systematic approach and full workout schedule is exactly what I'm looking for in a handstand program. He explains why you're doing each exercise and the physiology behind his approach, which makes the static holds go by much faster. I was never able to hold a plank past 30 seconds before when I was just staring at my clock."
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A literal Rocket Scientist
“If I hadn’t come across Kyle Weiger’s courses, I think my progression would be limited and I’d still be flinging myself up, hoping for the best! The carefully thought out drills and skills in the courses have brought my handstand on massively. The classes are structured in such a way that we focus on various aspects such as strength training doing different types of pushups, mobility and flexibility choosing a focus such as middle splits to help us be better movers and more mobile and flexible in our handstands. The eccentric drills including scissor, tuck and straddle improve the muscle memory, as well as strength and control, whilst endurance drills have upped my strength in the shoulders and wrists, as have core drills including dragon pole, v ups, hollow rocks strengthened my core. Every aspect of skills and drills have no doubt led to me getting more hang time, getting stronger all round and getting cleaner and more controlled in the scissor, tuck and straddle handstands."
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"The great thing about Kyle's class is that his approach to it is very organized & tiered. He just doesn't give you a bunch of stuff and say 'Ok now do it'. I'd really recommend this course to anyone who's looking to bring some integrity to their Handstand."
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College Professor
"I really enjoy that the class is both a full-body workout and a mind workout. On the mental side, it keeps me interested. I feel I am learning about the complexities of handstand in a way that will make permanent changes to my movement and the understanding of my body. Kyle's coaching is detailed but not overwhelming. On the physical side, I am challenged, and sweating, and just a bit sore between workouts."
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Media Designer

Normally $600...

All major credit cards and PayPal accepted!